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This a fansite devoted to the Dragonball Series. This is not claiming to have created or own any of the Dragonball Series.

The Other Z Fighters

Krillin Yamcha Tien Chiaotzu Yajirobe
Name: Krillin
Race: Human
Abilities: Fly, Double Tsuihikidan, Fusenko, Fusion, Kakusandan, Kamehameha, Destructo Disk, Shishin No Ken, Solar Flare, Zanzoken

Krillin is Goku's best friend. They have been friends since they trained together with Master Roshi. Krillin is the strongest Earthling to live on Earth and battles enemies that he comes across. When things get tough, he tries to be the humorous to cheer everyone up.

Name: Yamcha
Race: Human
Abilities: Fly, Kamehameha, Rogafufuken, Sokidan

Yamcha is one of the few human fighters in Dragonball Z. He is usually accompanied by a little, flying cat named Puar and is a longtime friend and ally of Goku. Bulma has a big crus on him and wants to marry him, but Bulma's dream of marrying him was shattered when Yamcha was killed by one of the Saibamen that Vegeta and Nappa created. But later the Dragonball Z crew was sent off to the planet Namek to gather dragonballs so that they can wish all the people killed by Vegeta and Nappa. When they did, they finally wished everyone back including Yamcha and Bulma once again fell in love, but later on in the dragonball series, Bulma thinks that Yamcha is too much of a flirt and can't be loyal to her. Although he is not cheating on her, he gets caught by her in awkward situations so they break up. She then falls in love with Vegeta seeing how he is lonely. Vegeta is at first reluctant but eventually does become a family man and good hearted.

Name: Tien
Race: Human (Eternal Child)
Abilities: Fly, Dodonpa, Kamehameha, Kiai, Kikoho, Mafuba, Shiyoken, Solar Flare, Zanzoken

Tien has three eyes as you can see from the picture, but only two of them work, I don't know what the third one is for. Tien was originally trained as an assassin under one of Master Roshi's rivals. But after a while, he realized that he did not want to be an assassin and join the Z fighters along with his best friend, Chiaotzu.

Name: Chiaotzu
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Fly, Chonoryoku, Dodonpa

Not much information about this little white guy except that he's Tien's best friend and they usually fight together in battles. One of the battles they fought together was when Chiaotzu and Tien fought against the saiyans named Vegeta and Nappa. Chiaotzu threw himself on Nappa's back and self-destruct hoping to kill Nappa in the process, but it didn't work and he killed himself. Later he was wished back by the dragonballs.

Name: Yajirobe
Race: Human
Abilities: Cuts things with his sword, Eats

Yajirobe is a good guy who eats a lot of food. He doesn't fight as much as others; in fact, he doesn't really fight at all. But when others really need him, he comes through and forces himself to save them.