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January 01.2004
If you believe in New years then hey. happy something. but this is be one, if not the last entry made by me. It's been fun and i accomplished alot over the years in working this website. I hope y'all enjoyed it because i have so,
Here's the "Peace" see y'all and i wish u well in life.

October 19.2003
No additions. None at all. if y'all want anything y'all have to me otherwise i can just leave alone for the time. Sign the guestbook or e-mail If you don't have any advice or want anything put on then thanks for visiting.

August 23.2003
the gundam wing gallery has been remodeled. none of the gallery are finished but im working on it. Its hard if u were wondering me being one person and all. so enjoy what i have for now. Hope u like the new layout for the gundam gallery. Also a created the poll page again so check it out.

June 30.2003
the image gallery for the DBZ Gallery doesn't show any of the link images but the links still work to the real images. So enjoy! I'll work on something

January 1.2003
I remade the ENTIRE Dragonball Gallery. I finished today. Its a month late but who cares. Everything but the Animated gifs are up and running. If I missed anything o well.

November .2002
I'm remaking the entire DBZ Gallery so it will most likely be down until December 1. i apologize but the links page has some DBZ sites on it.

November 03.2002
I went through the Dragonball Gallery attempting to correct any menu errors. I hope I got them all. If you find any errors in the site contact me at sonic851@yahoo.com. the menu should be working fine. I also got up most of the Normal Pics pages. Check out the Multi-Characters to if it it any good. Hope you enjoy. If you have any suggestions write them in the guetsbook or send them to me at my e-mail address. That's it.
sonic Inc.

September 10.2002
I have finished the menu on my Dragonball Z Gallery. The javascript on my computer is working so if it says there's an error just say to continue running the script until I can fix the problem. Sorry for any problems. On a good I got the Animated Pics on the DBZ gallery up and running. ANd I'm almost finished with the Normal Pics Pages.

July 14.2002
I had to move the Gundam Gallery to a new site Gundam Gallery. I add a menu to the new site but i'm still in the process of adding the rest of the Gundam Gallery. I also plan on putting the new menu up on the dbz gallery.
Peace, sonic Inc.

March 16.2002
Hey long time no see, my first time back sorry for all the broken links and down pages. But I have finished installing the menu in my Gundam Wing Gallery. Thanks for being patience. I am in the process of putting music on all my pages which may take awhile. For the time being i am attempting to put the menu on my Endless Waltz Sites. O don't forget if u have any sugestions just sign my guestbook
Peace Out
sonic Inc.

December 1.2001
This is probably my last addition for the year, but there's no guarantee. I accidentally deleted the most recent home page but I had made a backup on July 27. I have had added a new menu to the Dragonball Z Gallery so I hope it's useful.

July 27.2001
There is a new feature down on the bottom so you can pass this page on to any friends or fellow Dbz or Gundam Wing lovers.

July 21,2001
The endless waltz section is now up and running i hope you enjoy it

July 19,2001
Hey I remodeled most of my page. This is for Nikki, Relena now as a bio page. And for anyone else if you have a request either sign my guestbook or e-mail me at sonic851@yahoo.com. The gundam character page is up and running, You can look at the bios for all the main characters in the Gundam Wing Series. Check in for Endless Waltz edition of my page coming soon.
Also sign my guestbook or just view who signed it. You can see what sites are good at my links page.You can also join the Banner Exchange.

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