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This a fansite devoted to the Dragonball Series. This is not claiming to have created or own any of the Dragonball Series.


Radditz and Nappa Frieza's Crew Garlic's Crew King Cold Androids

One of the few surviving Saiyans from Planet Vegeta's destruction, Raditz is a weak fighter compared to his brother, Goku during his arrival. He showed superior power but his carelessness got to him and that was his weakness. A huge mistake he made during the fight on Earth, was when he underestimated both Goku and Piccolo's power level. Radditz timely death happened when Goku held onto his arms in a full nelson and Piccolo pierced both Saiyans Chest with a Makkankosappo (Special Beam Cannon).

Name: Nappa
Race: Saiyan
<>Abilities: Fly, Bakuhatsuha, Saiko No Kogeki, Zanzoken
Nappa, one of the lucky survivors of Planet Vegeta's explosion, is Prince Vegeta's teammate and friend. Clumsy as he is, Nappa showed great strength but intelligence of a cockroach. His foolish actions would get Vegeta angry whom he is incredibly afraid of. Nappa's death was caused by his teammate, Vegeta, when Goku nearly paralyzed Nappa with a Kaioken attack then seeking some help from his loyal friend. However, arrogant as Vegeta is, Nappa was tossed in the air and was Big Bang Attacked into the next dimension.

Name: Frieza
Race: Changeling
Abilities: Fly, Barrier, Daichiretsuzan, Death Ball, Eye Lasers, Frieza Beam, Kienzan, Renzokou Kikou Ha, Transforming, Zanzoken
Frieza was one of the most powerful being in the universe of his time. He runs an alliance of criminals that kills all living life forms on planets and then sells the planets to the highest bidder. Frieza was responsible for the first Super Saiyan to arrive and that was Goku after killing Krillin, Goku's best friend. Otherwise, Frieza is an outstanding force but his arrogance lead to his own defeat.

Name: Zarbon
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Fly, Transforming, Zanzoken
Zarbon didn't play a big part in the Frieza saga but he was one of Frieza's top henchmen. Although, looking like a pretty-boy type, Zarbon has the ability to back up his nonchalant tactics. Somewhat like his lord, Frieza, Zarbon is able to transform into a second from. During this second stage, his muscles start to bulge and swell making him very strong but slow (similar to an Ultra Super Saiyan). Long after his loyalty to Frieza, Zarbon is zapped into the next dimension by rival, Vegeta, in a fierce battle between the two.

Dodoria Name: Dodoria
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Fly, Zanzoken
Dodoria wasn't a tough enough opponent for Vegeta in his time, but he gave Gohan, Krillin, and Dende a rough time. Although very self-confident with his ability, Dodoria tends to pick on the weaker opponents. Dodoria is averagely powerful in his time, but he was no match for the new and improved Vegeta from the rejuvenation tank.

Ginyu Force Name: Ginyu Force
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Various Abilities
They are most powerful fighting force in the universe. The Ginyu Force consists of five very strong fighters (Burter, Recoome, Captain Ginyu, Jeice, and Guldo), each with a unique attack that can beat the opposing force. In DBZ, the Ginyu Force was called upon by Frieza to fight against the Z team and bring back the dragon balls. But once Goku cam along, the Ginyu force no longer seems to be as strong as you think. Their defeat is all because of the silliness of the group like choosing who fights by playing a game of rock, paper, scissors, or making pointless posses which just wastes time of the other time.

Garlic Jr. Name: Garlic Jr.
Race: Makyo-Jin
Abilities: Fly, Transforming, Zanzoken
Both short and smart, Garlic Jr. is evil and only wants to take over the universe. In some occasions, he has the ability to transform into a much stronger form, which gets all of its energy from the Makyo Star. Another thing you should know about Garlic Jr. is that he was granted immortality from the Eternal Dragon Shenron after collecting all seven dragonballs on Earth.

Spice Boys Name: Spice Boys
Race: Unknown
Abilities: Various
Playing a very little role in the Garlic Jr. Saga, but giving the saga a bit of an excitement to the short story. The Spice Boys are Garlic Jr's fighting force much like the Ginyu Force was Frieza's fighter force. The names of the team are very weird (Mustard, Spice, Salt, and Vinegar) very much like the Spice Girls. The team is somewhat strong, but follows orders from Garlic Jr. since he is much stronger.

King Cold Name: King Cold Race: Changeling
Abilities: Similar to Frieza
The father of Frieza is both evil and elegant. Being much bigger than Frieza himself, but having lots of similarities. He later manages to die in the hands of Trunks without showing much of an appearance in the series. Not much is known about him.

Dr. Gero/ Android 20 Name: Dr. Gero
Race: Human/Android
Abilities: Barrier, Eye Lasers, Hikou, Power Absorbtion
An evil scientist himself, Dr. Gero created the Androids (Androids #16, #17, #18, #19) which was intended to fight only Goku and no one else, but after the Androids killed Dr. Gero, they decided just to play around and destroy everything in it's path for fun. His creation has incredible strength and can destroy everything. Dr. Gero is also an Android himself, he ordered Android #19 to make him into an Android and make him stronger and has an ability to repair himself whenever he needs to.

Android 16 Name: Android #16
Race: Android
Abilities: Hell's Flash, Hikou, Rocket Punch 1
The strongest of all the Androids, but never wants to fight unless it's absolutely necessary. Very nature loving and silent, and was never meant to be activated. After he fought Cell, Bulma gathered all of its parts and reassembled it to make it fight for good instead of bad.

Android 17 Name: Android #17
Race: Android
Abilities: Barrier, Hikou
The one who killed his own creator, Dr. Gero. He was created only to destroy Goku, but after he killed Dr. Gero, he do what he likes, but still has an urge to kill Goku whenever he feels like it. He has a twin sister, which is Android #18. They are very much similar except Android #17 is out of control and always wants to destroy everything.

Android 18 Name: Android #18
Race: Android
Abilities: Barrier, Hikou, Kienzan
Android #18 is very similar to Android #17, in fact, they are twins. Although they are the same, #18 becomes more nicer and later marries Krillin after they wished her into being a human by the dragon balls.

Android 19 Name: Android #19
Race: Android
Abilities: Barrier, Eye Lasers, Hikou, Power Absorbtion
Not very much is known about this guy, except for the obvious fact that he is fat. He helped Dr. Gero become an Android and sometimes doesn't know what he is doing.

Cell Name: Cell
Race: Android
Abilities: Fly, Assimilation, Barrier, Cell Jr., Furiza Beam, Kamehameha, Kienzan, Kikoho, Makankosappo, Power Drain, Regeneration, Shunkanido, Taiyoken, Yell, Zanzoken
Cell is the last and most dangerous android that Dr. Gero created. He was created as an experiment and contains the DNA of most of the Z Warriors, giving him the ability to use the same attacks that they use and much more. One of the biggest advantages he has is the ability to regenerate him as well as absorbing energy from others using a long tail. Cell has three stages that he can transform into. He did this by absorbing the energy from the other Androids thus becoming the mighty "Perfect Cell."