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Age: 17
Ethnic origin: Latin
Place of origin: L3 colony cluster
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Eye color: Dark Green
Hair color:Brown

Mobile Suit
Gundam Heavyarms


The most mysterious of the Gundam pilots, the young man who calls himself Trowa was sent to Earth as the pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms. The cool, quiet Trowa has nerves of steel and superb reflexes, qualities which serve him well in his cover identity as an acrobatic clown in a traveling circus troupe. He also has soldiering experience far beyond his years. When combined with his heavily-armed Gundam, Trowa's tactical skill and combat ability make him a veritable one-man army.

The pilot of the gun-toting Gundam Heavyarms, the boy who calls himself Trowa is the most mysterious of the Gundam pilots. Calm, cool, and detached, he seldom speaks and never smiles. Trowa falls in with a travelling circus troupe as cover for his terrorist mission, finding employment as the world's most dispassionate clown. Trowa is a gifted and fearless acrobat, and these abilities also prove useful in his alternate occupation as a Gundam pilot.

Despite his youth, Trowa is an experienced professional soldier. His preferred combat tactic is to stand his ground and spray the battlefield with an endless hail of bullets, though every now and then he'll dispatch an enemy with his acrobatic trademark move - a mid-air triple spin, ending in a deadly knife slash.