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Age: 15
Ethnic origin: Arabian
Place of origin: L4 colony cluster
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Platinum gold

Mobile Suit

Gundam Sandrock


Quatre is a young aristocrat, the thirtieth child - and only son - of a wealthy family of space colony developers. Though he's the most tender-hearted and gentle of the Gundam pilots, Quatre is just as brave and determined, and has defied his family's wishes in order to join the battle against Oz. Quatre is aided by a troop of forty loyal underlings and can draw on the Winner family's vast resources, assets which more than make up for his relative lack of fighting skill.

The friendly, empathetic pilot of the Gundam Sandrock, Quatre is unusually tender-hearted for a Gundam pilot. He is the only son of a wealthy family of space colony builders, with 29 older sisters and a stern pacifist father who disapproves of his going into combat. Though Quatre himself abhors bloodshed, he feels compelled to fight to protect his loved ones.

While Quatre lacks the fighting prowess and ruthlessness of his fellow Gundam pilots, he does have excellent family connections, almost unlimited cash, and a troop of forty loyal underlings at his disposal. His gentle personality quickly wins over his fellow Gundam pilot Trowa Barton, and he eventually becomes the de facto leader of the Gundam pilots.